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Galactic Battles





Galactic Battles is a crossover fan film short featuring: Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo & Mass Effect.

Directed and produced by Calvin Romeyn.

Starring the original voice of Commander Shepard, Mark Meer

Original Music composed by Jose Pavli:

All characters, locations, and names are property of their respective copyright holders. No profit was or will be made.

This is a group open source fan project made for fun by VFX and film artists around the world.

Galactic Battles was made as an educational exercise of collaboration and mentoring.


Vancouver 2013 Skills Canada National 3D Animation Competition

Gold medalist for the 2013 Skills Canada National 3D Animation Competition

Regional Skills Canada 2D/3D Animation host

Skills Canada BC 2D/3D Animation competition

Skills Canada BC 2D/3D Animation competition

Skills Canada BC 2D Animation competition

Skills Canada 2017 Medals

Worlds Skills Team Canada


Skills Canada

2D/3D Animation

3D Game Art


National Tech Committee member


Mar. 2017 – present

Skills Canada is an Olympic-styled non-profit organization with a mission to recognize talent in youth competing in various trades and technology.

Patty host and organizes the national annual 2D and 3D animation competitions representing British Columbia. She also mentors and is a public speaker to young women in trades and technology. She aims to inspire the next generation and one day create a story and film of her own.

This year marks the first time that Patty will be hosting a brand new competition for post secondary level students. The 3D Game Art competition will be held at Tradex, Abbotsford April 19th, 2023.


BC Dumpling Festival 2023 Ad

Over 20k people showed up!

Gina Chong and the team to kick off the first Dumpling Festival in BC!


BC Dumpling Festival 2022/2023


Stage Emcee Volunteer


Aug. 2022

The BC Dumpling Festival is a community event in which culture is shared through having an opportunity to purchase and eat different types of multi-ethnic dumplings.

This festival was organized by Gina Chong who was discriminated against and told to go back to her country just while strolling around the park. Gina decided to take action and wanted to educate and fight against racism by sharing culture through food and thus the first dumpling festival in BC was created.

Patty was nominated to emcee the first dumpling festival in Coquitlam, BC. Along with that task, she also helped search for vendors and restaurants to participate in this historic event. The proceeds went to supporting local businesses throughout BC.

For more info, visit:

Vancouver Fashion Week x Miss Asia Canada 2021

Miss Asia Canada 2021

Crowning day of the Miss Asia Canada Vancouver region.

Vancouver Fashion Week

Guest at the Vancouver Fashion Week


Miss Asia Canada


Competitor & Advocate



Miss Asia Canada is a beauty pageant which aims to celebrate diversity through representation of ethnic Asians all over Canada.

Patty Chomseng competed in MAC and was able to win 3 awards.

- Miss Asia Canada Vancouver

- Miss Asia Canada National 2nd Runner Up

- Miss Intelligent

During her journey, she advocated to fight against racism through sharing the Lao culture and traditional dances, supported local businesses during the pandemic, and pushed to inspire youth and women to pursue careers in trades and technology. Patty continues to carry out her mission while volunteering with the MAC organization.